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We help the people of Harrisonburg, VA find relief from a variety of conditions using a multitude of therapies. With over 45 years of expertise, we specialize in a Chiropractic care.

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chiropractor in harrisonburg va offers Chronic knee pain relief
chronic knee pain
Patients that we see have had knee pain for one year or more. They have had steroid injections, gel shots, arthroscopic surgery or they may have failed knee replacement surgery. They have been told they have “bone-on-bone.” 

 The pain usually is constant and limits daily activities and recreation. It is difficult for them to go up or down steps, or both. Standing or walking is painful and limited. 

 The patients that we see for this condition range from 50 to 90+ years of age. Other contributing factors to consider with knee pain is hip and lower back issues, and in some cases foot and ankle problems. 

Because we leave no stone unturned, our success rate with knee patients is 80-90%. 
Unrelenting Lower Back Pain or Failed Back Surgery
Chronic lower back pain is in epidemic proportions. It is estimated that 31 million Americans suffer from lower back pain on any given day. The Ohio Board of Worker’s Compensation study found that 74% of back surgery failed and only 26 % of the workers were able to return to work. 

The patients we see have had chronic back pain that resulted from injury, degenerative disc disease, degenerative arthritis, and failed spine surgery. Some have had surgery that involved fusion of spinal segments with rods and screws. Often leg pain or sciatica is also associated with chronic back pain. Our success rate with these patients is impressive. 
chiropractor in harrisonburg va offers Chronic low back pain relief
chiropractor in harrisonburg va offers Chronic plantar fasciitis relief
Plantar Fasciitis
This is a very common foot condition that is responsible for an estimated 1 million doctor visits per year. Pain in the heel or arch is noted primarily in the morning after getting out of bed or after sitting for a period of time. The pain can be relatively severe making walking painful. 

Common treatments have been orthotics, heel cups, stretching, ice rubs, trying different shoes, and steroid shots. These methods can give relief, but are not corrective. Our evaluation is focused not only on the painful foot but the lower leg, knee and hip. This known as the “kinetic chain”. 

 The motion of the hip, knee lower leg, ankle and foot must function in rhythm so as to prevent joint stress. So, the actual problem may not necessarily be in the foot alone. Because we take into account the “up-stream” joints and address any issue there, our success rate is over 80%. 
Peripheral Neuropathy
This condition affects at least 20 million Americans and the number is growing. Known primarily for causing numbness, pain, burning, and tingling in the hands and feet, peripheral neuropathy can affect any nerve emitting from the spinal cord. Internal neuropathy can affect the bladder, heart, digestive organs, and intestines. 

Even though it is associated with the sensory nerves, it also causes damage to the motor nerves that control muscle movement, gait, and balance. A high percentage of neuropathy sufferers have diabetes, but other causes are statin(cholesterol) drugs, drugs that treat heartburn and GERD, drugs for gout, and chemotherapy, There are 50 known medications that either cause or contribute to peripheral neuropathy. Other causes are repetitive trauma such as walking or standing on hard surfaces, chronic lower back issues, spinal degeneration, chemical exposure and nerve damage from surgery or other trauma.

One very important cause that is overlooked by medical practitioners is systemic inflammatory response. In other words, the presence of low level inflammation throughout the body that affects nerves, blood vessels, mucous membranes and soft tissue. This not to be confused with inflammation from an infection where the tissue is hot, swollen and red. Systemic inflammation can only be detected with laboratory testing such as blood, urine and breath samples.
 Once these triggers are identified they must be eliminated or neutralized so as to allow the tissue to be healthy again. This can be a key factor when assessing and managing peripheral neuropathy. Results can be gratifying, however, you as a patient must be “patient”, and committed to the care and recommendations. Peripheral neuropathy doesn’t happen overnight and reversing the effects does take time.

chiropractor in harrisonburg va offers peripheral neuropathy
Other conditions successfully managed at our chiropractic clinic:
TMJ or temporomandibularjoint dysfunction: TMJ is a complex of cranial, jaw, and cervical spine dysfunction. This multi-faceted interaction of structures can be the cause of jaw pain, headaches, neck pain, earaches and other vague symptoms.

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