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Our approach is simple and powerful. We solve your issue at the source using a multitude of cutting-edge therapies customized for your specific condition. 

A practice dedicated to improving quality of life using safe, gentle and effective methods, tailored to suit the individual.
The Art & Science
of chiropractic
Our Harrisonburg chiropractic clinic provides the most comprehensive alternative/integrated therapy services in the central Shenandoah Valley.

We provide cutting-edge Functional Neurology, Structural Mechanics and Integrative Medicine methods to maximize your recovery future wellness.

We realize that no two people are exactly alike and “cookie-cutter” treatment plans just do not work. We tailor your care plan specifically for you because you are unique.    

Get chronic pain relief with a chiropractor in harrisonburg va
WE use a multitude of THE LATEST
Robotic and Multi-Radiance Lasers
Our lasers are non-thermal which eliminates the danger of burns. Laser therapy increases blood and lymph circulation thus reducing inflammation and accelerating tissue repair. Laser increases metabolic activity and increases the production of oxygen which is the fuel that drives tissue repair. 
 Also known as Peripheral Neuropathy Rehab Therapy. Used to stimulate the nerve pathways of the hand and feet at 7.83 HZ which is their normal frequency. PNRT effectively restores the function of nerve tissue from the spine to the hands and feet. PNRT is used by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospitals to treat chemo-induced neuropathy.

Typical conditions or injuries that EMS is used for: muscle spasms, muscle strains, and ligament sprains.
An infrared therapy system FDA cleared to improve circulation and relieve pain and inflammation.
Far Infrared Therapy (FiT)
Increases micro-circulation and enhances the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body’s soft tissue.
Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF). A combination of electrical and magnetic energy that has been used extensively for decades for many conditions and by many medical disciplines. PEMF reduces pain and inflammation, increases circulation, increases blood and tissue oxygenation, stimulates cell regeneration and accelerates bone and soft tissue repair.
Vibration is one of the first sensations lost when nerve degeneration is present. Vibration Therapy stimulates that portion of the spinal cord that inhibits and helps to control pain.

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression
Cycles of distraction and relaxation are performed to target disc herniations and bulging discs. The cumulative effect can induce retraction of the disc and off of nerve roots.
Non-Surgical Extremity Decompression
Increases joint space while making ligaments and muscle attachments more flexible while increasing blood flow and maximizing function. Especially helpful with “bone-on-bone” of the knee, and severe hip and knee osteoarthritis.
Rapid Release Technique
RRT is a cutting edge modality based upon quantum physics law of resonance. Optimum frequency resonance will target scar tissue and adhesions making RRT effectively for soft tissue and joint problems.
Is a medical manual assessment and treatment system which uses interactive applied functional neurology to reset the way the brain communicates with the body. The result can be an immediate and dramatic pain relief with instant increase in strength and movement.
 The centuries old discipline of stimulating/sedating acupoints with 21st century applications of electro-stimulation, laser, and needles. An effective pain management tool in select patients. When used with laser it can increase it’s effectiveness reduce recovery time.
Dry Needling
A non-medicated trigger point injection. The only similarity to acupuncture is the use of the same procedural tool, a mono-filament needle.
Spinal/Extremity Manipulative Therapy
The manipulation and or mobilization of spinal and extra-spinal or extremities. A common chiropractic procedure that is effective for establishing normal joint mechanics and relieving and controlling pain. 
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